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Comparison of physical properties between PC material and PCTG

PC is a colorless, transparent, clean and beautiful plastic. Because PC is non-toxic and has no odor, it has good UV-blocking performance, moisture-proof and scent-proof performance, wide temperature range, no brittle at -180 °C, long-term use at 130 °C, so it is an ideal food. Packaging material. Using PC's excellent impact resistance and easy molding, it can be used to make bottles, cans and containers of various forms for packaging fluids such as beverages, alcohol and milk. The biggest disadvantage of PC is the occurrence of stress cracking. In addition to the selection of high-purity raw materials, strict control of various processing conditions, the use of resin modified with small internal stress, such as a small amount of polyolefin, nylon, polyester and other melt blending, can significantly improve the resistance to stress cracking, water resistance .

    PC is a kind of transparent plastic raw material. The difference from PCTG is that PCTG has stronger transparency than PC. The PCTG is 91%~92%, PC is about 88%, and PCTG is more chemical than PC. And toughness, the relative PC also has a better surface hardness than the PCTG, which is the physical strength. In terms of temperature resistance, the temperature resistance of PCTG is about 80 degrees, while the maximum temperature resistance of PC is about 130 degrees.

    PCTG is a PCT diol-modified copolyester with excellent physical properties, chemical resistance and transparency. It can be used for injection molding and extrusion of films, sheets and tubes (its notched impact strength is similar to polycarbonate). Can be blended with other plastics, such as polycarbonate, or filled with fiberglass, mica, etc. to meet the characteristics of the final product requirements.



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