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What are the advantages of the crystal door?

The advantages of the crystal door:

1. Non-combustible:

The natural temperature of polycarbonate is 630 degrees, which is tested by National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of National Fireproof Building Materials. The burning of the PC board reaches the flame retardant B1 grade of GB8624-1997 and belongs to the refractory material.


2. Chemical resistance:

Polycarbonate has good chemical resistance and can withstand a variety of organic acids, inorganic acids, weak acids, plants, neutral salt solutions, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohol.


3. Heat resistance and cold resistance:

Good temperature resistance, can adapt to changes in severe weather, from cold to high temperature, -30 degrees to 120 degrees for a variety of physical performance indicators.


4. Photochemical properties:

Polycarbonate in the visible and near-infrared spectral regions has the highest light transmittance, 12%-12% transmittance, UV resistance, anti-aging, product appearance including UV coextrusion layer, outdoor weather resistance, temporary Use adhere to good optical and mechanical properties.


5. Impact resistance:

The impact strength is 80 times that of glass, and the solid plate is 200 times that of glass. It can prevent breakage during transportation, installation and use. The most prominent feature is that it is not broken like ordinary glass.



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